Kyle Reep, Scott Elliott, and Heidi Agnew

At the Reep / Elliott Group, financial advisors with D.A. Davidson & Co., we help our clients by working together to develop a plan that positions them to live the style of retirement they want.

Whether traveling, leaving a legacy, having a sustained income stream, or achieving other retirement goals, we work with you to determine the cash flow necessary to make your dreams a reality.

Each of our team members has over 16 years of industry experience, providing us valuable insight into the multi-faceted, dynamic cycles of the market. We also have access to our firm's team of wealth planning, retirement plan services, insurance, trust, and research professionals, allowing us to provide a comprehensive and customized plan for you and your family.

We intentionally limit our client base to provide clients with the time and service they deserve; this year we plan to add just 10 new families.

As our valued client, we look forward to helping you as your trusted financial partner through all stages of your investment and retirement life.